Make it easy on those Recruit Coaches, give them a special highlight cut
so it’s easy to isolate you on the field and see your talent

Recognized as one of the best in the country,
specializing in high quality recruit films, using high definition to it’s fullest!

South Florida’s Best Sports Videography!

Recruit Films start at $100
Projects are highly variable and based on time editing
(and capturing -if supplied footage).

College Recruit Films

Game coverage  starting at $250

shot in 1080p30 HD quality - delivered on DVD, BluRay or File formats

offering season coverage discounts and special plans for shared costs

and review footage distribution on-line

Game Coverage

Recruit Reels

Ranked #2 Most Impressive Prospect Video - read

“Top notch”
“Great camera work”
“Excellent spot shadowing”

- Russell Arch “”





Highlight / Recruit Pricing  (ala carte)
guidelines and options:

  1. $100 to $200        Online video only

  2. $100                     DVDs with custom artwork

  3. $50                       Bluray compatible AVCHD dvd (1080p)

  4. $35 / wk               Weekly player highlights posted to YouTube

  5. $50                       Custom YouTube page creation

  6. $200                     Custom Website with domain registration

  7. $7.50                    Volume dvd duplication (over qty of 10)

Game film:  $15  DVD  / $50 BluRay

Team Season Highlight  $1,500 - $2,000

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Heritage Films

Aquinas Players


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